UA and Fundación Marjal join together again to create 'Marjal Healthy', an international chair about healthy values application.

The new “Marjal Healthy” international chair will be a point of thiking, discussion and research on healthy life different parameters, specially on Spain international residents related studies. The creation of a new chair announcement, first international chair of the UA, was made last July on the “Healthy Housing” ceremony award which promote both institutions.

The new chair agreement created by the Alicante University (UA) and Fundación Marjal was signed yesterday by UA's rector, Manuel Palomar and Fundación Marjal president, Francisco Gómez Andreu, sets the chance for “Marjal Healthy” chair to be joined by other national or international institutions or corporations, and ensures academic recognition on its actions and courses. Thus, the award will continue spearheading the chair, so research and investment on new materials and new healthy construction methods to improve a healthy life will be granted.

Francisco Gómez said “In Fundación Marjal we believe on research as an essential mecanism to innovation and progress. Linking us to science and universities make us different and give us worldwide exposure, and we believe it would be wonderful that other companies bet for strengthening ties as well”.

The university rector has stand out the importance of this kind of initiatives because they make the knowledge exchange much easier and promote applied research that could be a huge improvement performance for the business world.


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