Solidarity programme in Tanzania

26/10/2011 12:37

This project deals with the socio-economic status of  Masai women in their environment, creating self-development initiatives and income generating activities to procure a sustainable economy. Thanks to the extraordinary work of the Fundación Marjal, we provided support for projects that Maria Carpio is developing in the country.



Visit to La Romana

17/10/2011 09:51

On October the 3rd 2011, students at the University of Alicante participated in a visit to the city of La Romana on the occasion of the VI Sustainable Building Award, organized by the UA (University of Alicante) and the Fundacion Marjal for the next year.



Fundación Marjal sign a framework cooperation agreement

20/09/2011 12:18

With the aim of promoting training for people above 50 years of age within the community of foreign residents, the Fundación Marjal and the University of Alicante, through the Permanent University, have entered a framework cooperation agreement.



Fifth Sustainable Building Award University of Alicante

20/09/2011 12:13

Undergraduates from the University of Alicante and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam winners at the Sustainable Building Awards. The projects called In the Vineyards and Season Garden House have been the winners of the contest, which for the first time was open to European students.


8th UMH award

28/06/2011 12:31

The Fundación Marjal and the Fundación UMH of Elche award the contest of ideas to implement good environmental practices.


Chocolate: flavors and textures. A world of pleasure

11/05/2011 12:23

Gstronomic workshop "Chocolates: Tastes & textures. A world of pleasure" with the pastry chef Lola Vélez


New Music House in algueña through the eyes of sixty artists

13/04/2011 07:31

Sixty local artists form Alicante gathered on 11 Dicenber 2010 to paint murals on the walls of one of the most emblematic buildings in the town of Algueña and promote painting by Alicante-born artists.


Music and dance for social integration

12/04/2011 11:47

A group of Colombian children went to Alicante to stage several music performances though a programme called "Laboramusic", supported and promoted by Fundación Marjal and other institutions.


The Fundación Marjal and the Fundación CIDARIS join their forces

09/02/2011 10:35

They have signed a cooperation agreement to protect geological heritage and encourage sustainable development.



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