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The Fundación Marjal and the Fundación CIDARIS join their forces

The Fundación Marjal and the Fundación CIDARIS have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at joining forces to promote activities related to development cooperation, sustainable development and natural heritage, aprticulary geological and paleontological.

Within the framework of this agreement, these institutions will carry out different projects in order to promote our geological heritage and to make it better known in society. Furthermore, they will cooperate in training programmes. By virtue of this agreement, the relationship between the foundations will be strengthened- thus being able to exchange expertise and advice in areas of mutual interest, specially those linked to the geological and paleontological fields.

The Fundación CIDARIS is in charge of managing and preserving the collection of the Paleontological Museum of Elche. Its facilities house some samples of the most representative and valuable geological heritage of the province of Alicante. Spme examples of these are a cephalopod mollusc and a gymnosperm plant- the former dating back to 125 milion years ago and the latter to 8 milion years.


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