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The Marjal Foundation has recived an honorable mention from the Generalitat to work for the family

The Fundacion Marjal has been recognized for working selflessly giving up their spaces for the development of activities and meeting of families so that they can enjoy natural areas and promote leisure and free time. Likewise, we must emphasise its involvement in the integration of people with disabilities and all kinds of solidarity actions.

The ceremony has been presided by Asunción Sánchez Zaplana, who emphasised the sacrifice from civil society and the Generalitat institution is done to promote the family like a fundamental base of the Valencian society.

The award ceremony has coincided with the celebration of International Day of Families, in which the Councillor has congratulated the honored entities for his "contribution to building a more just and fraternal society" and she has congratulated them for their 'altruistic spirit 'and ‘tenacious work' all of that selflessly for the benefit of Valencian families.

The President of the Fundación Marjal in his speech said that "The family is the engine of our personal growth, which drives us to be better and not disappoint those who always trust us and are there to set us his hand in support".

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