Fourth Sustainable Building Awards

The Fundación Marjal and the University of Alicante (UA), have run the Sustainable Building Award on 1 June 2010, a contest that focuses on the most avant-garde and environmentally friendly architecture. The project Seeing the Sea from the Woods, put foward by Rebeca Vidal and Eliseo Rico, won the first pprize in the contest.

The members of the jury highlighted the feasibility of adapting the wining proposal to somewhere along the Alicante coastline. Another important characteristic of the project that made it successful was that it took into account the profitability of the site, as well as the social improvement od the coastal area. Moreover, the winning project was highly valued becouse it took into consideration the use of technological resources, and the aaccessibility to for people with disabilities. They also bore in mind the improvement of public spaces and the reforestation of green areas.

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