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Conferences: The blue planet with a green heart

The first day of the conference was aimed at achieving a harmonious balance between the building industry and the use of renewable anergies. Under the slogan "Consistency Beteen Green Building and Ebergy Sources", the experts attending the conference analysed the concept of sustainable building and its potential application within the existinfg framework.

The President of the Green building Council España, Felipe Pich-Agulera, gave a speech entitled "A Global Commitment to Sustainable Building". He explained the formula to achive a reduction of nearly two.thirds in energy consumption in household. He also pointed out that the correct siting and orientation od the dwelling could substantially contribute to energy saving. This speech was folloed by those of Juan Manuel Chamizo, UA Professor of Architecture and IT, and Javier Fernández, Industrial Engineer and DSc in Computer Science, which dealt with different issues such as intelligent buildings and the introduction of technology to improve home efficiency.

Sustainable development in Europe was the main issue discussed during the second day's session of the conference. Juan Manuel Revuelta, President of the European Network of Innovative Regions, gave a speech on the EU member states' commitment to the improvement of the environment. During his speaking, the expert highlighted that eco-innovation and sustainability are two of the environmental challanges that EU companies have to respond to. Afterwards, Alejandro de la Vega, the Environmental Manager of the Local Goverment of Alicante, enumerated the environmental polices promoted and implemented by this governmental bofy. De la Vega also talked about the establishment of the County Agency for Energy, an organisation that will be in charge of encouraging responsible energy consumption, among other issues.

The trird and last session, started with the speech of the Group EUFER's Head of Renewable Energies Production, Juan Antonio Tesón. During his speaking, he laid great emphasis upon de potential af wind energy and biomass as excellent sustainable options to produce green energy.

Biomass and its implementation through different techniques was the main issue dealt with during the last two speeches. The Scientific Director of BioFuel Systems, Cristian Gomis, commented on a project the company has been running whereby biomass can b obtained through carbon dioxide (CO2). Then, Gomis explained to the attendees that nitrogen and phosphate-rich wastewater is used to reduce pollution. He also added that carbon dioxide could also be applied in the food, paper and cosmetic industries, aming others. Finally, the President of the Spanish Pellet Producers Association (APROPELLETS), Carlos Vilaseca, delivered the last speech of the conference. It focussed on the use of pellets, which are made from wood chips from forest thinning. Wood pellets are an ecological and renewable energy that allows a neutral carbon dioxide balance.

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