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Engraving of Vicente Ferrer's hands by the painter Azorín

The Fundación Marjal has recently acquired a silk-screen print of Vicente Ferrer's hands so as to express its wholehearted support for the praiseworthy and commendable work carried out by the foundation that is named after the Spanish philanthropist. This silk-screen print is one of the two hundred one made by the Alicante-born artist Pepe Díaz Azorín in order to cooperate with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation as well.

In June 2009, before Vicente Ferrer passed away, some clse friends took pictures of hos hands so that the painter Azorín could draw them. The silk-screen prints have been sold by the maney-raising project founders, who deposited the maney raised into account belonging to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. The money would be used to built forty houses for forty Indian families.

In 1952 Ferrer went to India as missionary;"Sorrow and suffering must not be understood, but eradicated", this expression sums up Vicente Ferrer's thoughts, beliefs and his way of seeing life. The "father of the poor" devoted his whole life to fighting poverty in Andhra Pradesh, one of the most disadvantaged communities of India. In 1969 continued his humanitarian work establishing the foundation that is named after him. From that moment on, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, candidate for the 2010 Nobel peace Prize, has supported many projects to improve the standard of living of the poor.

Currently, the Foundation centres its projects on differents fields, such as education, health, ecology and housing, and pays special attention to women and people with disabilities and impairments. This organisation has been helping the social classes in greatest need through specific programmes that promote the development and welfare of these least favoured groups.


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