The eighth edition of the International Prize of Healthy Building awarded first prize ex aequo

The eighth edition of the International Prize of Healthy Building, powered by the Marjal Foundation and the Alicante University, yesterday awarded the first prize ex aequo to students of the Alicante University and the German university Beuth Hochschule Für Technik Berlin. The Atrium of students Eugeni Andreeu, Steven Born and Valeriya Savina and Experimental Patio with Mari Renno, Alejandro Pineda, Jorge Americo Herrera and Mattia Turnu have been honored with this award which distinguishes building projects based on sustainability.

The jury of the contest emphasized the quality of the presented projects from all of them they selected 15 initially and exposed in the MUA. The responsible to judge the work decided to release a first prize together with the two most important works, they are characterized to give priority to the sustainability of the buildings and implementation in the plot that this year should be located in the area of Las Colinas, in Orihuela Costa.

Both projects highlighted by being set around a courtyard, one of them it is a ground floor and another one in three heights. Although the two designs are very different, one traditional and the other more avant-garde style, both convinced the jury with their cross ventilation, their better use of sunlight and the views that the property gives its inhabitants among other things.

In the event 150 students from Architecture department have participated and from other disciplines of different nationalities: Spanish, German, Dutch, French, English, Brazilian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian and Russian. The Universities of origin of the students was Alicante University, Holland University of Hogeschool van Amsterdam and German University Beuth Hochschule Für Technik Berlin. These awards are framed within lines of work of the international chair Marjal Healthy.

The awards ceremony ended with a performance by the artist Joan Peris accompanied by cellist from Philharmonic of the Alicante University, Silvia Sánchez. The artist performed a skyline of the Alicante city, which one the Marjal Foundation will donate to Proyecto Hombre.

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