Development Cooperation

Gambia 2013

The Fundación Marjal has honoured its commitment to the development of Jirong, a small Gambian village on the river Qudar.

On this occasion a great deal of effort was made over several months to build a farm. A group of women with dependants and facing particularly difficult conditions were selected to be in charge of running the new farm and, therefore, they will directly benefit from the project. They and their children will enjoy the produce of the farm, such as meat and eggs.

The project was designed with two purposes in mind—first to feed these families and second for them to be able to sell the surplus eggs and chickens to the rest of the community. Consequently, the benefit would be twofold: women would earn money and the villagers would have access to staple foods, thus improving their diet.

From the outset the entire village welcomed the news on the soon-to-be-built farm enthusiastically. Moreover, still with the aim of providing employment and boosting the local economy, all materials and workers hired were local.


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