Cooperation Programme in Tanzania

The collaboration Project with the Carpio Pérez Foundation focuses on the women’s roles in development within a rural environment with no water and electricity and of 100% Massai culture; the village of Arkaria.


With the program "Chickens, goats and donkeys” women will obtain regular income to fulfill their basic needs.

1 goat per family: when the goat gives birth, the baby calf is given to another family and so on.
3 Chickens per woman: one for breeding, one to lay eggs and sell them in the local market and one to feed themselves.
1 Donkey: It allows them to carry more water, for which they must walk many miles to get.

One goat can be sold when needed to send children to school. Just by a selling a few eggs can provide enough income to maintain a family.

With the “Beads Making“ program women are provided training and materials for them to be able to make different crafts with beads to sell them in the local market. This way they obtain sustainable income and they self finance.

The “Sewing program” aims to buy sewing machines, fabrics and materials for the women in the village, this way they can learn a profession and generate income by making uniforms and clothes.

Program of basic accountancy: Due to the situation of poverty and inequality these women live in, they lack any previous basic knowledge. Because of that, addittionally to the financial support for the projects, it is foreseen to teach them basic accountancy in order for them to develop their potential at work.


• Contributing to the education and socio-economical development of Tanzanian women by creating self-development initiatives and income generating activities that grant them a sustainable economy.

• Obtaining an equitable distribution of benefits.

• Working to eradicate illiteracy and giving a quality education for everyone.

• Empowering and qualifying women through income generating activities.

• Promoting self help groups for the financial self-sufficiency of women.

• Encouraging and creating a gender equality conscience among the local people but also preserving their cultural heritage and traditions.

• Achieving women to group into cooperatives; as being part of these groups is the only way Massai women can take a break from their daily routine.


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