The Fundación Marjal has been founded upon the knowledge and experience gained by Grupo Marjal through many projects conducted over many years,Moreover, the special interest of this company in encouraging the cultural, educational and scientific development, aimed at improving the region, has also contributed to the establishment in 2009 of the Fundación Marjal, a non-profit-making organisation.

The Fundación Marjal goal is to foster the progress of science, technology, culture and environment. It is also aimed at improving social and human values and, in general, any other fields which may redound to our society's benefit and thus channels resources to the society for purposes related to sustainability and responsible government. Specifically its objectives are to research, study and implementation of programs aimed at:

  • Nutritional habits
  • Healthy living through sport
  • Enhancing the traditional values ​​of popular folklore and the arts
  • Social inclusion and employment of people with disabilities or integration problems
  • Promotion of activities and initiatives in the field of voluntary work and development cooperation
  • Optimization of energy and natural resources
  • Protecting the environment, fauna and flora in the environment.



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